Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fight Against Coronavirus: Observation from 27th April 2020 Data

The world is now a changed place while it still fights against the Coronavirus pandemic. India is no exception to it. With very limited resources and insufficient healthcare infrastructure in the country, the daily data about the coronavirus pandemic clearly indicates that India has till now performed remarkably. Here are a few observations from the data of 27th April 2020 on the Coronavirus pandemic:-

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Is Lockdown the Only Alternative to Respond to the Coronavirus Outbreak in India?

Academicians, economists, business personalities as well as the political parties are questioning the central government’s decision to implement a nationwide blanket lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Considering the cost associated with the lockdown, questions by these personalities are not uncalled for. In this peculiar situation when India has already spent one month in a stringent lockdown, one must ask whether the lockdown is the only alternative that India has to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. To answer this question, there is need to explore as how other countries in the world are responding to this crisis which challenges every conventional ways and means.