Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Education as Investment - Sudarshan Sharma

Equitable distribution of resources is the key instrument in bringing about the socio-cultural changes and in turn accelerating the pace of economic growth. It enables the real deprived sections of the society to reach the upper level in social hierarchy which is the prime need of any society or nation to develop.

Education plays a powerful role here. As The International Commission for the Twenty First Century (Delors Commission, 1996) said,
"In confronting the many challenges that the future holds in store, human kind sees in education an indispensable asset in its attempt to attain the ideals of peace, freedom and social justice."

Education, here, is needed to be seen as an investment. Basically it is an investment in future. The countries investing a pretty nice part of their income in educating their people (improving their attitudes and skills etc), certainly see change in social and economic returns and can expect a rising growth rate in future and India has not been an exception. It has been investing a lot of money and time in educating it people through different initiative at central as well as state level. 

Though five year plans have been highlighting the need of looking up education as investment, an honest attempt to raise the public expenditure on education is still awaited in India.

-Sudarshan Sharma

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