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We live in an unequal world and there are a number of ways for discrimination (in some cases institutionalized also). For years there has been claims by different economists, non-governmental bodies and governments that whatever is being done by these entities is for the poor but the same is not found to have turned into reality. Rather, poverty, inequality and discrimination have increased. It has put forth a number of unanswered questions about the intentions of these bodies. Many of the people rather call these bodies as mere interest groups. 

Also in the world in which we are living today is at crossroads. On one side due to increased economic activities, emission of greenhouse gases has increased to very dangerous level which puts question on the sustainability of the mankind while on the other side are the poor who are either dying or about to die due to hunger and poverty and lower level of economic activities increases the risks for the poor. Such a situation demands a pragmatic but permanent solution to the problem. And Green Economy is considered to be the answer to this particular question. 

The Deliberation is a platform for discussion about different economic and related issues across the world. It intends to start healthy discussions and arguments about different economic issues, policy making, regulations and the future challenges. 

The Deliberation solicited your contribution in form of views on these discussed matters or any economic matter that is important to world. Feel free to contact us.

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