Monday, July 19, 2021

Mounting NPA in Indian Banking System


The accelerating rate of NPAs in Indian banking system has been prevailing since it was recognised officially on the recommendations of Narashimam Committee in 1991. The stressed assets in the books of banks are the result of corporate defaults. Recently, the NPAs have been mounting due to the multiple factors such as the increasing number of wilful defaulters, the strict NPA recognition norms and economic slowdown caused the outbreak of COVID19. However, the RBI and Government of India have taken measure to contain the swelling NPA in the form of recovery regime, time-bound resolution of bankrupt entities, recapitalisation of PSBs, merger, reorganization and privatization of PSBs. Despite all the efforts, government is not able succeed satisfactorily although the IBC Code 2016 did perform well by recovering 61% of the total recovery made during 2018-19. Henceforth, the RBI and Government needed to take immediate and result oriented actions.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Corona Vaccine for All: A Case for Universal Access


The coronavirus pandemic has a devastating impact across the globe. No country has left unhurt from the deadly virus. All the efforts to contain the virus have not yielded much. At present the only hope now lies in the vaccines. But it is evident that the world is not able to supply enough vaccines. Even India, the biggest supplier of vaccines, is unable to meet the domestic demand. Many low income countries have not been able to vaccinate even one percent of their total population. In such conditions, the universal access to vaccines can be the ray of hope.