Thursday, December 19, 2019

Divergence of Bad Loans and their Provisioning and NPA in Indian Banking System

Slowdown in Indian EconomyNPAs have become malaise for the whole banking system in India. For many years, RBI is on drive to clean the banking system but quarter after quarter NPAs are being recognized by banks themselves or detected by RBI. A recent RBI assessment reveals that many lenders including SBI and PNB have been found to be under reporting bad loans as well as their provisioning in last financial year 2018-19. This list democratically includes both the private as well as public sector banks. Those names include UCO Bank, Yes Bank, Union Bank, and Lakshmi Vilas Bank (livemint, 2019). It is quite possible that the final list may many more name names. Similar trend was found in last financial year also. Most importantly the amount of divergence had been very high. For example, in case of SBI, this divergence is tune of ₹ 11,932 crores on account of bad loans and ₹ 12,036 crores towards provisioning. That simply means if these numbers had been adjusted, the bank would have reported a loss of ₹ 6,968 crores than its reported profit of ₹ 862 crores. It had been a quiet practice for long in the Indian banking sector but under wraps and is not just limited to Indian market. However the scary situation is forcing RBI to take serious cognizance of this issue.