Saturday, November 30, 2019

Disruption in Telecom Sector in India

Disruption in Telecom Sector in India, Jio, Airtel, Idea, VodafoneIt was the second time when Reliance Industries in form of Reliance Jio has made a disruptive entry into telecommunication sector in 2016 to change the whole dynamics of telecom industry forever. The first entry was in form of Reliance Infocomm (now Reliance Communications) in 2002 which resulted into a kind telecommunication revolution in the country. As result of Reliance’s entry into business, telecom services became reachable and affordable to all, even in remotest villages also when telecom services were considered to be a luxury and status symbol for most of the people. Disruption brought by Reliance during that period of time was need of hour as telecom services were limited into a very few hands and benefits were not being utilized to its strength.