Monday, October 12, 2015

Sustainability Reports- Real or Greenwash?

Sustainability ReportsPrivate corporations exist and operate with the sole purpose of profits and for that they need to exploit resources but they are wise enough to present even worse things in much decorated manner. Corporate world has been inventing and evolving new devices and tools to fake things but in more sophisticated, prudent, legally accepted and respectable ways. And in today’s economic scenarios where environment has become hotpot businesses have evolved a new device termed as sustainability report. Theoretically a sustainability report contains information about environmental, social, economic, and governance performance of the reporting organizations but in practice these documents are nothing but public relations document aimed at branding.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Net Neutrality is a Must for Indian Economy

With the time, everything changes. So are the daily lives as well as the tools and methods of businesses. The invasion of technology in personal lives of people has not only changed the personal preferences of people but also the attitude of society and nations as well (HuffPost, 2012). World Wide Web (WWW) and internet are two technological inventions that have revolutionized the whole world and its impact is never like before. 

The adaptability of internet into daily lives of the people has made it an essential need not a want or luxury. So the dynamics as well as the importance of internet has got new values and wings for the society and nations as whole. Now it does not remain just mean of communication only. Rather it has numerous impacts on social and economic lives in the modern society, though with risks and dangers as well (Lee, 2002).